Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lots to report

Since my last post, I went on a fabulous vacation with loving hubby and then came home and had knee surgery.... I am in a bit of pain I would say, but itching to get creating... Maybe that will bring my "calm" back.  I have been sitting in bed for the past week with a monster brace on my leg and a machine that manually moves my leg to a bent position.... Have to say, not the biggest of fans of this machine.... They say most love it, find it relaxing as it breaks up the scar tissue already forming... Um, who thinks that is nice?  Definitely not me... AT ALL....  But I do it because I have to... Unless someone else wants to sneak over to my house and do it for me????  Lol

So no crafting done this week, but I am looking forward to testing the water come Monday when Matt is at work.... I am really enjoying all the you tube time I have, but I think I may have gotten to the end of the Internet.  In just one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, so I am exaggerating.  But I am thankful to have friends with all different views give me people to look up and watch - there are so many creative people in the world.  Jeez!

So depending on when the Memory Box dies come in, I may get a jump start on designing Halloween or Christmas - suppose we will see how adventurous I am!  And how sleepy I get...

Till then,
Happy Crafting!

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