Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some new goals..... (masculine card samples are below,,, keep going)

This year has flown by so fast (it is well into August) that I don't feel like I have done anything... I mean, card making - yes, organizing craft studio - yes (well, always ongoing), work - of course, but not really PLAY....  don't you find that sometimes some introspection is worth while.... it is probably better when it is self instigated but I think when you are told to do it, maybe it is worth more....

So things I have learned -

Work is not my life, it does allow me to do the things I enjoy, but it is not what defines me.

School is important to me, but as everyone is telling me "B's get degrees" so why must I force additional stress on myself to get A's when it doesn't get me further than a B would.

Art is my personal escape.... I love working with the ink, paints, stamps, stencils and all the markers and pencils and gelatos (there is so much I love, huh? can you relate?) and I need to make it a priority in my daily activities - even if it is just an hour a day, or a specific time of the week - must come up with something that ensures my time is dedicated.

Must take time to enjoy life, family, friends.... down time is quite important and I need to embrace that.

More reading time!  I have missed my books... so many to read, so little time......

I would love to be on a design team again and enjoy some new things to play with and learn!
So, with all that said, I am going to start creating pieces that I can submit for DT calls... I know there is a spot for me somewhere!  I hope to see a lot of comments on the next couple of cards I post.... I have been taking time to play and it makes me so dang happy!

Happy Crafting,

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