Sunday, January 30, 2011

not sure how to get this to the side... but will work on it for sure!

Pictures are uploaded!

I have successfully gotten some pictures on the Pics page.... not too many as I am getting bogged down on the computer and have to log off shortly.... However, all the photos I took today are on my Flickr photostream..... Hope to see you over there soon!

Loading my pictures!

So, I grabbed the camera and some of my older and newer cards and just started snapping pictures!  I am posting them on the Flickr site as well as here for some views (that is, if I can figure it out!)...
This past week has been fairly busy with lots of things going on and not much time to play... lost a friend/sorority sister/roommate to cancer this week and it was very hard to take - didn't really make me interested in doing any stamping.... but I did get some good news as well - my husband and I are going on the Tim Holtz cruise in September!  I am super excited and cannot wait to go.... I am already starting to plan!
My very awesome friend, Marcia, came over yesterday and helped me create a plan to better organize what stamps I have, what stamps I will use, and then which ones go where and can be used for what.... it is definitely going to take some time to catalogue all my stamps.... have been collecting for years... but think it is a great start to getting down to the basics of what I love and how I can best use what I have..... yippee for organzied friends!
So, here I go.... getting ready to upload some pics!  Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Fun-day.....

Today was an awesome stamp day.... my dearest friend, Marcia, and I went to a fun LSS - she had never been and it was so fun to introduce her to another new place to shop/play!  I love buying local, especially when the owners are nice, friendly and appreciative of my business.....
I held a small class at my house yesterday and was extremely pleased on the results - everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the cards were well received..... I hope to post pics early this coming week..... that will be my focus for after work - take pictures and upload them!  I have to admit that is the one thing I am really not good at..... taking pictures and uploading......
So, some of the items I got today:
HA Flower Text
HA Dogwood
HA Friendly Flags
HA Exotic Decor
HA Flower Wreath
Prima Flowers
Can't wait to ink these up!  So many ideas, so little time....

Just getting started!

So, here is my attempt at entering the blog world.... I am certainly not sure what I am supposed to be doing here, or how, but I hope to get the hang of it soon.
It is my intention to post and describe my paper creations that keep my spare time busy... I have just joined the Hero Arts Flickr group and found a lot of new friends and inspirations galore! I hope to be able to make some of the fabulous creations I see there and add my own little flair....

I have been stamping for about 5 years now and have become completely obsessed.... I have transformed 2 rooms to accommodate my love and need for more! By the grace of someone, my husband is completely supportive and always adding his opinion on my final pieces.... love him and don't know where I would be without him!

I started off simple, as most stampers probably do, and have done a complete 180 on my "style" if you will... I will start posting "the early days" and then work into more recent pieces and see if you all can see the improvement.... practice does make perfect in my opinion and I think I have grown as an artist in general. The best thing about watching blogs for me, is the complete openness of ideas and inspiration, the willingness of people to share their successes so we all benefit from the knowledge. My hope is that I can spread some of my failures and recoveries and inspire someone else!

Enough babbleing for now, I better get my camera loaded and ready!
thanks for reading - whoever is out there!