Friday, January 24, 2014

Long time no chat....

It seems to have been a long while since I last posted.  Well, I have a lot going on and want to share some of the fun with you.... I have enrolled in Donna Downey's 48-weeks online class and I absolutely LOVE it ..... I am really having to stretch my artistic abilities and just let loose - and for those of you who know me so well, know that I am not so good at losing control of things.... but with paint and joint compound and gel medium... what can you possibly control????  I will try and get some photos up of what I have done... there is a classroom Facebook page that I have uploaded to so I need to find out how to get those photos on here.... they are currently trapped in my phone!!!

if you are interested in trying something new, I would encourage anyone to take a look at the 48-weeks, it is not the cheapest online class you will find, but Donna is an exceptional teacher and you find yourself enjoying that she makes "mistakes" too but there is always a way to embrace it or fix it!  The shop website is and there are tons of things to look at... trust me, I get lost in the store - I am lucky that she is less than 15 min away from me!

Also, I am getting closer to graduation - just 5 more months - and I am embarking on the next step for my career.  I am interviewing for a new position and have given notice at my current job.  My last day will be 2/14 and I have not been happier to have made that decision.  It does put a little added stress, but that is a better stress than the one I have been feeling at work.  As soon as I took that leap of faith and handed in my letter, I felt instantly lighter.  And I am smiling again, something that has been missing for months now.

So, I hope to have time to blog about this new class and new adventure and finishing school... and have time for creating more - haven't really been in my crafty room in a while and it is painful to me... such a fun place to be and I don't have time or energy to play.... that is all changing though - for the better!  Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that this is the path I am supposed to take!

Keep on crafting and know that I am thinking of you all!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ok, I did it - finally!


I entered the 10-Minute Craft Dash.... hosted by Pretty Pink Posh at her blog - it is my first time but I have wanted to do it for a very long time... I just love to see what people are creating in less than 10 minutes and thought I could NEVER do it, but sure enough......

9 minutes and 3 seconds!!!! But take a look at my table....

Yikes, what a mess!  I was scrambling at the end... those who know me, realize this is a very simple card for me.  I might go back and embellish more before sending it to a loved one, or I might just enjoy it for the simplicity is it!

For the card, I used my new Wplus9 stamp set Pretty Patches: Tree and the coordinating die (which I discarded after starting (pushing me back a little time-wise).  The paper pad 25th and Pine by Basic Grey along with my Hero Arts ink pads in Cup-o'-Joe, field greens and punch chalk.  For the embellishments I grabbed my stash of bling and also the Candy Dots from Stampin Up to use as the ornaments on the tree.  The focal panel was die cut from Lawn Fawn's Journaling Tag (my all time fav at this moment).

Hope you all get to try this craft dash - now that I have gotten over the initial shock, I will be doing more and more of them for sure!

happy Crafting

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's new?

So, today was another day of PT.... I am already riding the stationary bike.  Today I was able to add two more exercises that really wore me out.  But in a good way.... 

World Card Making Day was this past Saturday and I hope you all were doing some crafting and card making - I know I was.... 

Having a birthday recently, I have plenty of thank you cards that need to be made and sent!  For this one, I used my new Lawn Fawn set Our Friendship Grows, along with the matching die set that the recipients of this card got me as a present!
I had to add some sequins and the other dots are made with a Viva D├ęcor Pen.  The sentiment is from my new Avery Alle set Oh Happy Day!

This fun, happy card is for a person who fits that same description!  She has been coming over to my house and enduring cat attacks to hang out and keep me company.... she has also gotten me hooked on Project Life (another post to come soon).....
The image is My Favorite Things, the name of it is Crafty Friends.. perfect for many of my uses.....  the die used to cut her out is from Stampin Up - Chalk Talk... think that will be a favorite of mine for sure!!!  Some twine and pattern paper tie it together with the painted wood heart the perfect accent!

Another friend is recovering from being in the hospital recently.... I knew I wanted to use this Paper Smooches set to make her a fun get well card so I went on the blog and found this one by Laura and CASED it almost exactly (funny thing, this is going to Laura, my friend)  LOL.... I made the clouds felt and added stamped clouds in the back along with textured paper for the grassy hill.....  Hope it cheers her up!

So, that is the creativity for now.... stay tuned for more to come!
Hope you all got inky for World Card Making Day and enjoy what I created!

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Latest Update! 9/17/13

Alrighty, the latest update..... since my surgery on Aug 27th (3 weeks ago today) I have been recovering nicely at home.  I started PT last week - at the evaluation, I could bend my knee 90 degrees by myself.... within 2 days, I was at 94 degrees and I am proud to say that today, I was up to 105 degrees = progressing awesomely!  I have this awesome (not really) clunky brace on my leg that seems to be on all the time and I hate it... even when sleeping I have to wear it, which is not a fun thing, but I must say I am sleeping just fine with it.

One week from today is my birthday and I am ready to celebrate!  year 38 will have to be the best one yet...... let's just hope.

Ok, so a couple things I have been working on..... but have yet to finish and have something to show.... OY, I need to get back on track - at least I "feel" creative!  And, school has started and I am in my capstone class which is the culmination of all my project management classes in one final class..... whew, this will be a long 12 weeks I think!

Things I am excited about are the holidays coming - Halloween cards to design and then Christmas..... wow, can you believe it is that close??????  Who has their cards designed yet?  Would love some ideas....

so, for now, with a dr appt at 8:00am and PT at 11, I am wiped out so I might be headed for a nap..... then creating????  one can only hope!

till then, Happy Crafting!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lots to report

Since my last post, I went on a fabulous vacation with loving hubby and then came home and had knee surgery.... I am in a bit of pain I would say, but itching to get creating... Maybe that will bring my "calm" back.  I have been sitting in bed for the past week with a monster brace on my leg and a machine that manually moves my leg to a bent position.... Have to say, not the biggest of fans of this machine.... They say most love it, find it relaxing as it breaks up the scar tissue already forming... Um, who thinks that is nice?  Definitely not me... AT ALL....  But I do it because I have to... Unless someone else wants to sneak over to my house and do it for me????  Lol

So no crafting done this week, but I am looking forward to testing the water come Monday when Matt is at work.... I am really enjoying all the you tube time I have, but I think I may have gotten to the end of the Internet.  In just one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, so I am exaggerating.  But I am thankful to have friends with all different views give me people to look up and watch - there are so many creative people in the world.  Jeez!

So depending on when the Memory Box dies come in, I may get a jump start on designing Halloween or Christmas - suppose we will see how adventurous I am!  And how sleepy I get...

Till then,
Happy Crafting!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Hope everyone is having a Happy Friday!!!  I know I am busy getting ready for my class tomorrow!  I hope that if you are in the Mooresville area, you stop on over to Stamper's Alley and say hello, or sit down and make some cards!

And then, vacation is coming!  What to pack????  I have no idea but better get working on that fairly soon, or I will not be ready...... Pedicure scheduled for 4pm today!  Woo Hoo!!!  who can resist a pedicure.... I think I will get a nice tropical color to go with my destination!

This card really cheers me up when I look at it.... the MFT rainbow die works so well with any of the puffy clouds out there.... paired inside a homemade photo frame - cut a center out of your rectangle - and the thin Memory Box border cut multiple times and glued up from the bottom.  White on white is one of my favorite things to have on a card.
With the rain lately, this rainbow is what makes me smile.... even if it is a little cold and cloudy the sentiment rings true - Rainbows follow bad weather!
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some new goals..... (masculine card samples are below,,, keep going)

This year has flown by so fast (it is well into August) that I don't feel like I have done anything... I mean, card making - yes, organizing craft studio - yes (well, always ongoing), work - of course, but not really PLAY....  don't you find that sometimes some introspection is worth while.... it is probably better when it is self instigated but I think when you are told to do it, maybe it is worth more....

So things I have learned -

Work is not my life, it does allow me to do the things I enjoy, but it is not what defines me.

School is important to me, but as everyone is telling me "B's get degrees" so why must I force additional stress on myself to get A's when it doesn't get me further than a B would.

Art is my personal escape.... I love working with the ink, paints, stamps, stencils and all the markers and pencils and gelatos (there is so much I love, huh? can you relate?) and I need to make it a priority in my daily activities - even if it is just an hour a day, or a specific time of the week - must come up with something that ensures my time is dedicated.

Must take time to enjoy life, family, friends.... down time is quite important and I need to embrace that.

More reading time!  I have missed my books... so many to read, so little time......

I would love to be on a design team again and enjoy some new things to play with and learn!
So, with all that said, I am going to start creating pieces that I can submit for DT calls... I know there is a spot for me somewhere!  I hope to see a lot of comments on the next couple of cards I post.... I have been taking time to play and it makes me so dang happy!

Happy Crafting,