Friday, January 24, 2014

Long time no chat....

It seems to have been a long while since I last posted.  Well, I have a lot going on and want to share some of the fun with you.... I have enrolled in Donna Downey's 48-weeks online class and I absolutely LOVE it ..... I am really having to stretch my artistic abilities and just let loose - and for those of you who know me so well, know that I am not so good at losing control of things.... but with paint and joint compound and gel medium... what can you possibly control????  I will try and get some photos up of what I have done... there is a classroom Facebook page that I have uploaded to so I need to find out how to get those photos on here.... they are currently trapped in my phone!!!

if you are interested in trying something new, I would encourage anyone to take a look at the 48-weeks, it is not the cheapest online class you will find, but Donna is an exceptional teacher and you find yourself enjoying that she makes "mistakes" too but there is always a way to embrace it or fix it!  The shop website is and there are tons of things to look at... trust me, I get lost in the store - I am lucky that she is less than 15 min away from me!

Also, I am getting closer to graduation - just 5 more months - and I am embarking on the next step for my career.  I am interviewing for a new position and have given notice at my current job.  My last day will be 2/14 and I have not been happier to have made that decision.  It does put a little added stress, but that is a better stress than the one I have been feeling at work.  As soon as I took that leap of faith and handed in my letter, I felt instantly lighter.  And I am smiling again, something that has been missing for months now.

So, I hope to have time to blog about this new class and new adventure and finishing school... and have time for creating more - haven't really been in my crafty room in a while and it is painful to me... such a fun place to be and I don't have time or energy to play.... that is all changing though - for the better!  Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that this is the path I am supposed to take!

Keep on crafting and know that I am thinking of you all!