Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun day ahead

So today I get to visit with a friend I haven't seen in ages.... we are going to put our creative minds together and get crafty!  Then maybe some shopping and nail polish action.... will take pictures to show where we end up.....

Also working on another canvas - this time much, much larger, and a little scary, but I can do it....

Then my brain will need to switch gears and get some homework out of the way - Yikes!  Lots to do........

Hope you get some craftyness in or at least get a little inky.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

way too much to do and not enough hours in the day

Here is a pic of my new piece... I was lucky enough to be able to take another class with Donna and just loved it so very much.... looking forward to the next - not sure when, but dang, I hope it is soon!

It is a larger canvas than before and the lotus flowers are stencils - what am I saying, most things on here (the background images) are from stencils.... the lotus flowers however were painted within the stencil image and made bolder with additional paint.... then the finger painting began - first the blue, then purple and alas... the green - just LOVE it and my fingers were uber messy.... had to take off my nail polish that night... who would have thought!  ha ha ha

Well, in that class I did get to meet a lovely group of ladies from Canada - my favorite country and people really.  Every trip there has made me feel so welcome so I am glad they were here and felt just as welcome.  They did stay for a 4-day class in a different medium that I am super jealous over, but I WILL be taking it later in the year... if only I had been introduced to Donna sooner.... I could have swung it!  I will upload some of their photos later in the week - this has been a crazy couple of weeks for sure!

Missing some down time, but since it is a long weekend, maybe I can catch up on some fun things and not work things.... which I did just finish some work homework, not school homework - that is later, and I need a break..... so President's day could not come at a better time!  Now, I hope to get these raggedy nails painted.. wish me luck!