Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Latest Update! 9/17/13

Alrighty, the latest update..... since my surgery on Aug 27th (3 weeks ago today) I have been recovering nicely at home.  I started PT last week - at the evaluation, I could bend my knee 90 degrees by myself.... within 2 days, I was at 94 degrees and I am proud to say that today, I was up to 105 degrees = progressing awesomely!  I have this awesome (not really) clunky brace on my leg that seems to be on all the time and I hate it... even when sleeping I have to wear it, which is not a fun thing, but I must say I am sleeping just fine with it.

One week from today is my birthday and I am ready to celebrate!  year 38 will have to be the best one yet...... let's just hope.

Ok, so a couple things I have been working on..... but have yet to finish and have something to show.... OY, I need to get back on track - at least I "feel" creative!  And, school has started and I am in my capstone class which is the culmination of all my project management classes in one final class..... whew, this will be a long 12 weeks I think!

Things I am excited about are the holidays coming - Halloween cards to design and then Christmas..... wow, can you believe it is that close??????  Who has their cards designed yet?  Would love some ideas....

so, for now, with a dr appt at 8:00am and PT at 11, I am wiped out so I might be headed for a nap..... then creating????  one can only hope!

till then, Happy Crafting!

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