Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Fun-day.....

Today was an awesome stamp day.... my dearest friend, Marcia, and I went to a fun LSS - she had never been and it was so fun to introduce her to another new place to shop/play!  I love buying local, especially when the owners are nice, friendly and appreciative of my business.....
I held a small class at my house yesterday and was extremely pleased on the results - everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the cards were well received..... I hope to post pics early this coming week..... that will be my focus for after work - take pictures and upload them!  I have to admit that is the one thing I am really not good at..... taking pictures and uploading......
So, some of the items I got today:
HA Flower Text
HA Dogwood
HA Friendly Flags
HA Exotic Decor
HA Flower Wreath
Prima Flowers
Can't wait to ink these up!  So many ideas, so little time....

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