Saturday, March 3, 2012

quick post.....

Ok, so re-reading my last post, it is obvious I was up way too late that night and did NOT apologies for that horrible blog post.... I hope to say it will never happen again.....

Onto today's activities.... I had a fabulous time hanging out with some friends and stamping to my hearts content.... It is always nice to meet new people and get to share ideas and laughs and ink!  I was able to create my swaps to send to Indiana (better late than never... sorry ladies) and I really like how they turned out.... I was also able to use a couple of stamps I did not own myself (shocker, right????) and really liked how they turned out.... I will post tomorrow when there is some light to photo by.... speaking of light - the funniest part of today was the power going out for 2.5 hours... and yet, true crafter till the end, we carried on and stamped/laughed/tried to see without lights and finished all that we were working on... didn't really skip a beat except when someone tried to emboss... whoops, need power to use the heat tool!!!  Too funny....

Looking forward to more crafting tomorrow.... till then, Happy Stamping!

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  1. Had a wonderful time stamping with you!! Can't wait to do it again (sooner rather than later).

    Luv ya!