Saturday, February 18, 2012

MIA - don't you hate being sick????

I have been down for about a week with an upper respiratory infection..... from the woman who sits next to me at the office is my guess..... why would you come into the office with a hacking cough and sneezing up a storm??????????  and to continue for weeks???????  I just don't understand.... and now, I am still suffering.... although, I have to say, not nearly as bad as yesterday - which seemed to have been the absolute worst day ever for me.... I was close to tears, and those of you who know me, know that it takes quite a bit to bring my eyes to watery..... But, this morning, I had a burst of creativity..... and lucky for me, because I was looking head on to a deadline for the new releases at Tiffany Doodles.... let's see what I can show you to tempt you....

OK, so interest peaked?????  I certainly hope so.... stay tuned for more peaks on the Tiffany Doodle blog..... you will love what you see, I know I do!

so, for the rest of today, I think I will try and get a little physical activity and explore a little more creativity in my craft space... no promises... but there may be another post today or tomorrow!

until then, happy stamping!

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