Friday, May 6, 2011

Seriously MIA

Very sorry that I have been so missing for a long time....good news was the design team for SSC... I am part of the Card Design Team and the Color Combo challenge..... Luckily, they directors have been extremely understanding that I had to lay low for a while.... Hip surgery is no fun at all - I have had to stay in bed with my leg elevated on pillows for the past 3 weeks... That does mean that no trips to the stamping room,even though it is just down the hall.... I did get a little crafting done... Thanks to my hubby and his willingness to bring me stacks of paper, adhesive and scissors go the bed.... I will try and post some of my April challenge items, the new ones are non-postable until the challenge has been posted.... So stay tuned.....

Oh, and the reason I am back online and so comfortable has to do with my work-mates!!!!! They all pitched in together and sent me an iPad! It is engraved "for the hippest" admin...nice pun with the hip surgery - very clever on Ted's part... He is the mastermind!!!


  1. what a great gift Dani. perfect for surfing the net in bed!

  2. I found you! You are a talented, tough, terrific woman! Stamp ON! - Sandy