Monday, January 21, 2013

PanPastel Canvas - Sept Canvas Create in steps....

So you saw the beginning of the canvas in the last post, but today I got to play with the coloring.... OMG, I cannot say this enough, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this medium.... and the layers of color are so flipping fun to play with.... I cannot wait to panpastel the whole house at this point....

So here are my steps.... the lightest color first.....

Then, more of the shade color, and darker shade.... oh the layers are awesome!!!!  And the stems come into play.... those were a little hard for me, but with the help of my handy eraser, I was able to make them exactly how I like them..... oh the shading... love this so much..... can you tell?????

Ok, and now the big reveal!!!!!!  All the shading is done and the corners were made darker and frame the canvas.... I love the way this came out, a little distressed at the edges, incorporates my love for distress on all my stuff.... and wow, what to do with this and all the others I must make!!!!

Well, I hope this has a little influence on your to try a new technique or take a new class to open that creativity that can get a little stiffled.... I know mine had been recently and now, I am ready to go!!!!!

Till next time, happy crafting!

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